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Can I make a crowdfund pledge and also buy something from the merch shop at the same time? 
We would appreciate it if you do not mix crowdfund pledges and merch shop items in the same order. 

Why aren’t you hosting your crowdfund on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
A few reasons. Our last Crowdfund was hosted on Indiegogo, it worked fine but it got very confusing when we came to sending out your merch. As we are hosting this Crowdfund on our shop we can keep everything organised much easier. The Crowdfunding sites also take a percentage of the profits and by hosting it on our merch shop we can make sure that your pledge goes to pay for the album and doesn’t get swallowed up in fees. 

What happens if you don’t raise enough, will I lose my money?
Never ever! We are so committed to making this album we couldn’t be more certain that it is going ahead but if in the incredibly unlikely event that we can’t make it, we will of course refund you in full. 

When is the album being released?
We don’t have a fixed release date just yet. We will be starting to record in May 21 and we are planning to release in October/November 21. Sorry we can’t be more specific, it all depends on how long we take in the studio, mixing, mastering etc.

When will I receive my CD?
You will receive your CD in advance of the album release. We are aiming for 4 weeks in advance 👍

When will I receive my handwritten lyrics?
You will receive your handwritten lyric sheet at least a month before the album release.

When will I receive my Vinyl?
We unfortunately can’t promise you will receive your vinyl in advance of the album release. We’ve found that vinyl pressing is extremely lengthy and prone to delays, but we will do everything we can to get your vinyl to you in advance of the album release. But it will be our Special Crowdfund Edition, Hand-Numbered & Signed!

What number vinyl will I get? 
Vinyl numbering is serious business! Vinyl numbers will be based on who pledges first (down to the last second). It doesn’t matter whether you’ve pledged for your vinyl as a part of a bundle in Pledges #4, #8 or on it’s own in Pledge #3, vinyl numbers will still be based on when you purchased. 

What will my vinyl look like?
Crowdfund vinyl will have alternative artwork to what will be publicly released with the album. It will also be a coloured vinyl only available in this crowdfund. 

What is a Digital Download?
You will receive an email with a link to download a zip file which contains MP3’s of all the songs from the album. You won’t be able to do this on your phone, you’ll need a computer to download the files 👍

When will I receive my Digital Download?
We are aiming to send you your album digital download 4 weeks in advance of the release date.

When will I receive my T-Shirt?
You won’t have to wait for your t-shirt. You should receive it within 2 weeks of pledging. We can’t wait to see your pics online!

If I pledge for the ‘Exclusive Inner Circle Access’ when will I hear from you?
Once the crowdfund has finished you’ll receive an email from us with a link to join the Private ‘Rapids Inner Circle’ Facebook Group. We’ll start sharing as soon as we get into the studio. 

Can I join the “Exclusive Inner Circle Access” pledge if I don’t have a facebook account?
Sadly we don’t recommend you make this pledge if you don’t have a Facebook account as you won’t be able to join the Private Facebook Group. 

How long is this Crowdfund running for?
This crowdfund will be live from the 6th March 21, 4pm GMT until 28th March 21, at 11pm GMT. Unfortunately you won’t be able to Pledge after the Crowdfund has finished. 

I have another question about the Crowdfund, how do I contact you?

Drop us an email and we'll do our best to get back to you ASAP.